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Beckman f 360 ph meter
In stock 
F360 is a device for measurement of pH, mV (EMF), relative potential and temperature. The system allows to keep data, and the RS-232 interface gives the chance to transfer data to the printer or the computer. the rn-meter of F360 possesses all set of the F350 functions, and  also following...
Group: pH-meters
64050 RUB
ACUSON Cypress
In stock 
Portable ultrasonography for abdominal researches incl. adult and children's sensors 95T Available: 1 pieces Item Poses. Description Name Qty Stake. Opt/Alt Option / Altern.               ACUSON Cypress System -...
Group: Portable ultrasound scanners
1820000 RUB
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Description:Antenna shtyryevy (2х5/8) Range of working frequencies: 130-174 MHzStrengthening: 3dB (5,2 dBi), adjusted, the UHF (female) socket. The maximum brought power: 500 W. Antenna height assembled: 2743 mm. Weight: 2,86 kg. Article of goods:  HY-GAIN V2R Complete...
Group: Antennas
8000 RUB
Wholesale: 6000 RUB from 8 pcs
ACUSON Sequoia S512
In stock 
The ultrasonic device of an expert class incl. adult and children's sensors 144T Item Poses. Description Name Qty Stake. Opt/Alt Option / Altern.               ACUSON Sequoia S512 ultrasound system-S12.0      
Group: Colour ultrasound scanners
4480000 RUB
Pork stewed GOST 54033-2010 338gr. premium
In stock | Only wholesale 
Pork stewed GOST 54033-2010 338gr. premium Pork stewed GOST 54033-2010 338gr. premium pork stewed premium GOST 54033-2010 338 gr, for dews of a reserve is made, by request, volume we can make any, in a box of 45 pieces, the Price 49r with the VAT, At the large volumes of the DISCOUNT! all...
Group: Canned meat
Wholesale: 49 RUB from 8000 pcs
In stock | Only wholesale 
Highly effective tablets for prevention of mikrobialny damage of wine. Description: FLORAL STOP is the special tablets intended for prevention of mikrobialny damage of wine during its storage in capacities. Tablets are brought in containers with wine and, floating on its surface, emit the...
Group: Raw materials for winemaking
Wholesale: 40 RUB from 100 pcs
Enotannin Shen
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Enotanin Shen is used in cognac alcohols like brandy and vintage wines for introduction of necessary quantity extractive substances of an oak that allows to avoid all risks long and expensive endurance in barrels. Medicines were received from a core of a limuzensky oak, dried up in the natural...
Group: Raw materials for winemaking
430 RUB
Wholesale: 350 RUB from 100 pcs
The negatoscope is wall, the 2nd personnel
In stock 
The negatoscope is wall, 2 personnel NM-2 of euro
Group: Densitometers
9000 RUB
Wheelchair of LY-808A100FF-PB TITAN
In stock 
The German wheelchair of LY-808A100FF-PB can develop in vertical position. The back develops horizontally. Wheels are equipped with cast tires. Description: steel framework; hygienic backs of sitting and armrests; the wheelchair can develop in the frontal plane (a shirna...
Group: Rehabilitation furniture for children
18054 RUB
In stock 
Refrigerator medical special for blood storage (+4 °C) Available: 6 pieces
Group: Medical labware
140000 RUB
Electromagnetic Burkert 0290 valve
In stock 
Burkert  type: 0290 The 2/2-running electromagnetic Burkert 0290 valve with a compulsory raising of a membrane. The electromagnetic valve 0290 is used to neutral and slaboagressivny environments without pressure difference to 16 bars. Section of the valve is 12-50 mm. The Burkert 0290 valve...
Group: Pipeline valves
10000 RUB
Without wire Honeywell WI550 Series Xyr 5000 sensor
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Available: 4 pieces: Honeywell Xyr 5000 Dual 4-20mA Unit model: WI553-DA-3G - 2 pieces  Honeywell Xyr 5000 Dual SWITH INPUT model: WW592-3G - 2 pieces
Group: Wireless sensors
85000 RUB
Wholesale: 57000 RUB from 4 pcs
Frequency Telemecanique Altivar 31 ATV31HU22N4 converter
In stock | Wholesale and retail 
Telemecanique Altivar 31 ATV31HU22N4 Available: 2 pieces
Group: Translators of frequency
90000 RUB
Wholesale: 65000 RUB from 2 pcs
Sensor of absolute and excessive pressure Cerabar S PMC71
In stock 
Cerabar S PMC71 - the intelligent, high-precision and multipurpose converter of absolute and excessive pressure with carving, flange and hygienic accessions to process. Maximum range: 40 bars, Resistance to overloads up to 40:1. Output signals: HART, Profibus PA, FOUNDATION...
Group: Pressure transducer
54000 RUB
Vdc/96 tzfs 24 switch
In stock 
Available: 1 pieces
Group: Switches
20000 RUB


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